The Lupus Foundation of America national research program:  Bringing Down the Barriers™ was created in 1977 and was the first private national lupus research program.  We assembled the best minds in lupus research and began funding groundbreaking studies.  These studies laid the foundation for many research advances.  Data generated by our early research investments provided pathways toward identifying people at highest risk for lupus and stopping the disease before it starts.

Today, our national research program continues to tackle the biggest challenges in lupus research. Top lupus experts from many medical specialties help us identify the most pressing scientific challenges. We then aggressively pursue a research agenda to find the answers to the most important questions in lupus. We use a unique multi-disciplinary approach: lead scientific initiatives, fund lupus researchers, and advocate for expanded public and private investment in research on lupus.

The Foundation’s direct grant programs, combined with their advocacy efforts, have led to a total investment of $80 million for lupus research and education.

We Lead Scientific Initiatives to Address Barriers in Lupus Drug Development

We lead scientific initiatives to bring down barriers that have impeded progress in lupus research, and to stimulate development of new, more tolerable and effective lupus treatments

We Fund Lupus Investigators Directly to Advance Understanding of Lupus

Our national research program supports promising areas of research where there is a gap in our understanding or where funding has been inadequate.

We Advocate to Greatly Expand Lupus Research Funding

With the support of the nation’s largest network of lupus activists, we aggressively work to secure increased investment in research from public and private sources.

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

Research grants, fellowships, and special awards are available for investigators to pursue lupus research at many levels.

Request for Applications

Each year, the Foundation accepts applications to fund research that will expand our understanding of lupus and help develop more effective treatments.

Lupus Achievements and Advances

Many recent scientific breakthroughs in lupus were built upon results of studies that received early funding from the Foundation.

Lupus Science & Medicine™

Lupus Science & Medicine™ is the first open access journal dedicated to the disease and will offer timely global access to the latest scientific advances in lupus.