Nov. 13, 2013

Biomarkers of Lupus Disease: Eliminating the Perplexities of Lupus Treatment Trials

Joan T. Merrill, MDSince the 1950’s, only one new drug has been approval to treat lupus.  Trials of other potential new treatments were unsuccessful when they failed to show statistically meaningful positive results when the responses from the groups that received the investigational drug were compared to the groups that did not.  One possible reason for these failures may have been the impact of the background medications that trial participants were taking which may have masked the effects of the investigational drug.  Dr. Joan Merrill, Head of the Clinical Pharmacological Research Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and medical director for the Lupus Foundation of America, recently completed a study that may help to improve the design for future lupus clinical trials.  Dr. Merrill presented the data during the America College of Rheumatology 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Presenter: Joan T. Merrill, MD

Presentation Date: October 16, 2013

Length: 5:23


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