Podcasts | Nov. 09, 2011

Cross Cultural Validation of Quality of Life Measure for Lupus

Dr. Meenakshi Jolly, of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, discusses the results of a study to validate an instrument to measure disease activity and quality of life.

Podcasts | Nov. 08, 2011

Study Finds Black Women Have Higher Incidence of Lupus than Previously Known

Dr. S. Sam Lim of Emery University School of Medicine discusses the Georgia Lupus Registry which found black women have a significantly higher incidence of lupus than most reports in the scientific literature.

Podcasts | Nov. 08, 2011

Validation of Revised Classification Criteria for Lupus

Dr. Michelle Petri of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center discusses the results of a study that evaluated revised criteria for diagnosing lupus.

Podcasts | Nov. 06, 2011

Favorable Prognosis in a Large Study of Lupus Pregnancies

A study lead by Dr. Jill Buyon and Dr. Jane Salmon on lupus pregnancies found that the majority of women with stable lupus had successful pregnancies.

Podcasts | Jun. 11, 2011

Central Nervous System (CNS) and Lupus

Dr. Betty Diamond, head of the Center for Autoimmune Diseases and Musculoskeletal Disorders at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, discusses the central nervous system and lupus.

Podcasts | Feb. 24, 2011

Lupus and the Kidneys

Lupus nephritis is the term used when lupus affects the kidneys. Dr. Ellen Ginzler, of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, leads a discussion about lupus kidney disease.

Podcasts | May. 27, 2010

Newly Diagnosed with Lupus

Dr. David Wofsy of the University of California, San Francisco, leads a discussion and takes questions about being newly diagnosed and living with lupus.