Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell has served as the Chair of the LFA, PNW Board of Directors since June, 2014. She is also LFA, PNW’s volunteer Project Manager for Support Groups, where she works closely with LFA, PNW’s CEO Celia Y. Weisman to create a strong network between our region’s volunteer support group facilitators.

From Oak Harbor, Washington, Lori was diagnosed with Lupus Systemic Erythematosus nearly twenty years ago.  At the time of her diagnosis she was a second class petty officer in the Navy and was applying for candidate programs to pursue a goal of becoming an officer. However, because of lupus, she was medically retired from the Navy.  Lori went on to continue her education, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University in 2003. In 2011 she finished a Master’s of Science in Psychology degree from the University of Phoenix.  During that time Lori also served as a volunteer Sexual Assault Prevention/Domestic Violence Advocate for the Naval Air Station in Whidbey Island, WA.  And during the past eight years she has been the Parent Representative Liaison for the Oak Harbor Youth Football League.  Lori is especially proud of being a single mother of a wonderful 21 year old son.
Lori has always been an individual that faces challenges head on, with a positive attitude.  Fighting lupus has not changed her perspective.  She loves to use humor to make people feel better and lift a person’s spirit.  Lori’s wise grandmother used to say “laughter heals the soul,” and Lori firmly believe that the mind, body, and spirit are one.  “Lupus,” Lori says, “is not something any person should have to face alone.”