Nila Tyrell

Nila Tyrell was born in Hawaii and raised in American Samoa to a large family.  She began her battle with lupus at the tender age of five.  Nila’s family moved to Hawaii and later to the Pacific Northwest so she could receive cutting-edge healthcare.  Nila became interested in health issues because of having lupus, and recently finished training as a Pharmacy Technician.  Nila is a smart and thrilling young woman that is always seeing the brighter sides of lupus.  Nila has been working as the LFA,PNW Chapter intern since mid-June, and is a passionate lupus activist.  Nila has recently became employed for the Chapter as an Administrative and Program Coordinator.  We are deeply grateful for the many talents she brings to this post.  Nila always says, "Lupus does not define you nor me."