Aug. 26, 2013

Two Attorneys Join LFA , PNW Board of Directors in August 2013

LFA, PNW welcomes Toni Freeman and Afshin Miraly to our Board.  Freeman, now retired from her practice of law, served for nine years on the LFA National Board, and most recently as National LFA Secretary.   A Seattle transplant from the east coast, Freeman has taken on leadership roles for LFA nationally and now locally because her daughter, Robin, has been battling lupus for many years.  Freeman is a passionate lupus activist, and desires to help LFA, PNW develop lupus outreach and educational programs to assist our region’s Native peoples.

Afshin Miraly, originally of Western Washington, graduated from the University of Washington.  Subsequent to receiving his bachelor’s degree at the UW, Miraly attended law school at Boston College.  After practicing employment law and living in Boston and Los Angeles for several years, Miraly determined to move back to his native roots, where he opened his own law practice, Miraly Law Offices.  His practice focuses primarily on employment and labor law, and he represents small businesses and employees.  Miraly has a close friend with lupus whom he has known for many years.  He’s observed her struggle to maintain good health, and is now eager to work with other Board members, staff, volunteers, members and activists to strengthen and revitalize LFA, PNW.