May. 01, 2013

Help Us Solve The Cruel Mystery

A Stronger Voice to Fight Lupus

Lupus is more pervasive and severe than people think with an impact the public does not realize. A recent survey (Lupus Awareness Survey, Oct. 2012) found that a majority of Americans have never heard of lupus; know little or nothing about lupus beyond its name.
In the face of widespread confusion over one of the most serious and baffling diseases, we have dialed up intensity of our messages. Extensive research with lupus patients, their families, physicians, scientists, and others revealed a common theme – lupus is a cruel and mysterious disease.
Lupus is cruel because it strikes without warning, ravages healthy parts of the body and can range from a skin rash to a heart attack.  This chronic, debilitating, and destructive disease can be fatal without diagnosis and proper treatment. 

Lupus is a mystery because it is hidden, unpredictable, and misunderstood. It is complex due to misdiagnosis and the lack of specific lupus treatment. There is no known cause and no known cure.

Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery
Our rallying cry – a strong call-to-action for all Americans is to join the fight to end lupus. With stronger messages, signifies the serious nature of lupus.  By telling the lupus story in a more compellingly way helps garner support from broader audiences.
Our logo, central to our identity is a direct expression of the way we talk about lupus. The question mark used within the word LUPUS reinforces the many questions that surround the disease and defines lupus as “the cruel mystery.”
Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery is to engage a broader audience in the fight to end lupus and improve the quality of life for all people affected by this unpredictable and misunderstood disease.

Awareness is Key to More Research
It is important for the public to recognize lupus for its brutal impact on the daily lives of millions of people. Generating greater understanding of lupus among the public, elected officials, and policy makers will build empathy for those affected by lupus and support our call to increase funding for research, education programs, and support services.

National Tour
We have launched a multi-city education and awareness initiative to engage the public, healthcare providers and those living with the disease in the fight to end lupus. The Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery™ National Tour will feature a 45-foot bus, equipped with eight interactive exhibits and displays. Visitors can learn about lupus, experience life with this disease, and sign a petition to urge Congress to provide more funds for lupus research, education programs, and support services.

The tour includes a patient education program where lupus patients and their families can interact with world-renowned lupus experts. In addition, healthcare providers can attend Continuing Medical Education (CME) events on the biology of lupus – learn organ systems lupus effects, diagnosis, and treatment.

To visit the tour, learn our education programs, and get involved in the fight to end lupus; go to