Cleveland Walk To End Lupus Now Volunteer Headquarters

Welcome to the 2014 Cleveland Walk To End Lupus Now Volunteer Headquarters. On this page, you can learn about the different ways you can help with the walk. Then, once you've read through everything, you can officially register as a volunteer. Please note, however, that registering as a volunteer DOES NOT automatically register you for the walk. To register for the Cleveland walk, click here.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Morning Set-Up



Road Warriors, Route Guides and Crowd Control

Water and Refreshment Station
Incentive Prize Station Greeter Event Tear Down  


Morning Set-Up:

If you choose to help with Morning Set-Up, you are in charge of making sure that the walk site is ready before everyone arrives. This means that you could be helping set up tents, tables, or chairs; put signs up around the walk site; help direct any vendors that are coming in for entertainment or food; and set up each area to make sure it has all the material it needs to function properly.

Road Warriors, Route Guides and Crowd Control:

Without you, who will know where to go? Road Warriors will help participants in the designated parking lots get on to the shuttle bus to take them to the walk site. As a volunteer for Route Guides and Crowd Control, you will be directing the walkers which way to go. We don’t want anyone getting lost or veering off the path, so you are responsible for keeping everyone moving in the right direction.

Water and Refreshment Station:

To keep the walk running efficiently, we need to make sure our walkers are healthy and comfortable. There will various Water and Refreshment Stations throughout the walk, and you will be located at one of them. Encourage walkers to stay hydrated and eat something to help everyone stay strong and on their feet for the duration of the walk.

Incentive Prize Station

Everyone loves prizes, but in order to receive them you have to fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! This station rewards our top fundraisers with various prizes depending on how much each person has raised for the walk. You will be the walkers’ personal cheerleader as you congratulate them on their efforts by rewarding them with a prize based on their amount achieved. Prizes and t-shirts will be provided at the station.

Registration and Check In:

This position requires pre-walk training! Without volunteers, this walk would not be possible, and this station is one of the most important ones. If we didn’t have you, there would be no walkers! As a volunteer for Registrations and Check In, you are in charge of everyone attending to register with you. Not only will there be a mass influx of people coming to register, but they will also be giving all of their checks and cash from the money they have raised. We need you to be organized and collected in order for this station to run smoothly!

Greeters / Welcome Crew:

You may be the first person the participants see at the walk. Welcome them in with a big smile and help direct them in the right direction. When the participants come off the shuttle bus they will be directed to go to registration if they have not registered online. If they have already registered online they can go straight to check-in. Check-in is arranged to the amount of money they raised. $20+, $50+, $100+, $200+, $500+, $1000+. Some walkers may have already checked in at the office. They will already be wearing purple wrist bands. They can go directly to the fun and activities. Registered walkers that have paid the minim $20 to walk can enjoy ice cream, tattoo art, caricature artist, and lunch (if applicable). Help our supports join in on all the fun and festivities.

Clean-Up and Break Down:

We’ve had a great day at the walk, but we can’t just pick up and leave the site. We need to leave it as we found it and we need your help to do so. As a Clean –Up and Breakdown volunteer, you will help break down tables, chairs, and tents; collect any straggling papers or signs; pick up waste; and make sure the site looks as beautiful as it was before we arrived.