Nov. 05, 2013

Living Well: More Than Just an Idea

by Paola Daly, Lupus Foundation of America's Outcomes & Health Senior Manager

This year’s annual American College of Rheumatology meeting in San Diego brought together approximately 15,000 excited visitors to attend thousands of lively sessions and meetings. Several hundred of these meetings focused on lupus, drawing in visitors to learn about new findings in treatments, quality of life and living well with lupus. After I attended more than 15 sessions about lupus, two overall topics stayed with me as I traveled back to Washington, DC: infection prevention and reproductive health. Regardless of the specific topic, the overall theme was about living well with lupus. Living well can seem like a fuzzy concept that is difficult to define and it may even feel hazy to you. The truth is, it can seem that way, if you can’t walk away with concrete recommendations. And that’s why I liked each of these topics: they presented practical, concrete steps that people with lupus, and their care teams, can take to make living well with lupus a reality.


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