Jul. 11, 2013

LFA, GOC In the News

A collection of Lupus related magazine and journal entries and news articles.

Jan. 27, 2017

Five Benefits of Exercise for Managing Lupus

Whether or not a person has lupus, exercise is an important way to take care of yourself.

Jan. 26, 2017

Ten Cold-Weather Clues for Coping with Raynaud’s

Raynaud’s disease, or phenomenon, causes narrowing of the blood vessels, most commonly in the fingers and toes. This condition often occurs in people with an overlying disease such as lupus.

Dec. 16, 2016

Most and Least Recommended Types of Yoga When You Have Lupus

While there are no hard and fast rules about which yoga disciplines are recommended, some are more likely to help ease lupus symptoms and others may be detrimental.

Dec. 16, 2016

The Flu and You: Three Reasons You Won’t Want to Skip Your Flu Shot This Year

In case you haven’t had yours yet, or aren’t planning to get it, we want to give you some encouragement.

Dec. 06, 2016

15 Questions: Lupus and Clinical Research

Dr. Richard Furie responds to your questions about the risks and benefits of participating in clinical trials.

Oct. 24, 2016

Fall is here—but don’t store away that sunscreen!

Make sun protection a year-round health investment, even on cloudy days. People with lupus are prone to photosensitivity.

Oct. 20, 2016

When Flares Happen

Recently, Julia Brucculieri at the Huffington Post shared the news regarding Toni Braxton’s hospitalization due to lupus.