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The New York Office is part of the Lupus Foundation of America's national network of chapters, branches, offices and support groups that lead the fight to end lupus.  Please direct all correspondence and communications to the National Office.

New York Office

  • Main: 1.866.225.0348 (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F Eastern Time)
  • Information request line: English / Para informacíon en español 1.800.558.0121
  • Fax: 202.349.1156
  • Email:


Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.
2000 L Street, N.W., Suite 410
Washington, DC 20036

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If you have thoroughly searched this Website and still have questions about lupus, complete this online form for the LFA health educator.

  • Our health educator cannot interpret laboratory tests, diagnose, or recommend medical treatment.
  • We can provide general information about lupus and its management.
  • Only a doctor with knowledge of your complete medical history, all lab results, physical exam and symptoms can answer specific questions about your individual situation and determine the diagnosis, and which treatments or medications may be right for you.
  • Due to the volume of emails we receive, it may take several days to receive a reply. Please be patient.