Dec. 23, 2013—Feb. 28, 2014 |

“STEP INTO 2014”

Help Us Solve
The Cruel Mystery
Foundation of America

Dear Lupus Supporters:

The Lupus Foundation of America, Memphis Area Chapter, Inc. is requesting your support in helping us “STEP INTO 2014” with renewed efforts to assist lupus survivors and their families who yet struggle with the devastating disease known as lupus.

Come help us STEP on the scene IN TWENTY FOURTEEN.
Gathering up needed GREEN as the MEMPHIS CHAPTER TEAM.

Please DONATE the amount of your SHOE SIZE for the number of months you want to help our chapter STEP into 2014.


If your SHOE SIZE is 7 and you want to share 1 month, the DONATION is $7.00. 
If you want to share with us for 12 months, your donation would be:

7 X 12 = $84.00 / 6 months 7 X 6 = $42.00 / 3 months 7 X 3 = $21.00

Please make your SHOE SIZE DONATION check payable to: LFA, Memphis Chapter.
Our mailing address is: 3181 Poplar Ave.-Suite 310, Memphis, TN 38111.

All proceeds are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will help in our fight to provide support, education, and research for lupus survivors and their families in the Memphis and Mid-South area.  Our chapter is also responsible for providing support to 12 other counties including Desoto County in Mississippi, and Crittenden County in Arkansas.

If your DONATION is $35.00 or more you automatically become an ANNUAL DONOR and will receive our quarterly local NEWSLETTER and the national LUPUS NOW magazine that has the latest research developments and articles pertaining to LUPUS.

Please help us bring HOPE to lupus survivors as we FIGHT this CRUEL MYSTERY.


Norma Cole-Meadows
President and CEO
LFA Memphis Chapter