Lupus Now

Magazine | Nov. 01, 2010

5 Small Steps to Stay Healthy in Winter

As you prepare for the holiday season and the cold winter months, be sure to consider what small steps you can take to try to prevent catching a cold or the flu.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2010

Can I Blame Lupus? How to Deal With Confusing Complications and Concerns

The difficulty in knowing if a certain symptom is due to lupus, a side effect of medication, or something else entirely stems from the nature of the disease.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2010

A Numbers Game: How Lupus Affects a Woman’s Health Through the Years

Puberty, birth control, bone health, and menopause are just some of the things women living with lupus need to be concerned with, and whether you’re 15, 25, or 60, there’s plenty for you to know.

Magazine | Mar. 01, 2010

Practical Tips for Living with Sjögren’s and Raynaud’s

Magazine | Mar. 01, 2010

Think Again

Coping with changes in cognitive function