Lupus Now

Magazine | Nov. 01, 2012

Connect for Immunity

People with strong social relationships have fewer health problems, are happier, and have increased longevity, researchers found.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Simply Silly: Why Goofing Off Is Good for You

Playing and being silly can have deeper meanings and, sometimes, a profound impact on people with lupus.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Weather Tips for Medication Safety

If your luggage is exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, your medications could lose potency and effectiveness.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Faithful Journey

Meditation, Fellowship, Prayer: There Are Many Paths to a Spiritual Center

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Circle of Hope: Erin Luciano

When Mary and Albert Luciano found out in 2008 that their daughter Erin had lupus, they were determined to learn everything they could about the illness.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Safe Skin = Sure Win!

Joining in the federal government’s ongoing skin safety campaign, the Food and Drug Administration released new rules that all sunscreen manufacturers must abide by starting in December 2012 for larger companies that make sunscreen, and in December 2013 for smaller companies.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Work With Lupus: Succeeding despite pain and fatigue

If you’re living with lupus, it takes something extra to succeed at work while managing your symptoms. Read on to find out how Olympic gold medalist Shannon Boxx and others with lupus learned to thrive in their careers.

Magazine | Mar. 01, 2012

Warrior Princess: Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon finds support through friends and family

Hollywood phenom Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon finds support through her all-star network of friends and family