Lupus Now

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2013

Hobbies for Happiness - 5 fun activities to boost your mood and spirit

Summer is the season of fun and relaxation, a perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Here are five popular and inexpensive pastimes for people of all activity levels, and easy ways to get started.

Magazine | Mar. 01, 2013

Rx for Health: Add a Pet!

Research shows that owning a pet can be good for your health.

Magazine | Mar. 01, 2013

Insuring Your Health

A number of Affordable Care Act provisions are helpful to people with lupus. These include banning insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions; allowing young people up to age 26 to receive health insurance through a parent’s plan; and eliminating insurance coverage caps.

Magazine | Nov. 01, 2012

Investigating Infections - Lupus Makes It Tough to Ward Off Illness

It’s no secret that infections pose a greater risk for people living with lupus. In fact, infections are the second most common major cause of illness and death for people with the disease. It is important to make your health a priority, and take steps to protect yourself.

Magazine | Nov. 01, 2012

Growing Up: Teens, young adults must learn to manage lupus on their own

For many young people with lupus, the transition to caring for themselves as adults is challenging.

Magazine | Nov. 01, 2012

Connect for Immunity

People with strong social relationships have fewer health problems, are happier, and have increased longevity, researchers found.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Simply Silly: Why Goofing Off Is Good for You

Playing and being silly can have deeper meanings and, sometimes, a profound impact on people with lupus.

Magazine | Jul. 01, 2012

Weather Tips for Medication Safety

If your luggage is exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, your medications could lose potency and effectiveness.