Lupus Now

Magazine | Aug. 15, 2016

Her lupus diagnosis brought them closer

Zak and Chloe say they've gained more than they lost from lupus. They've learned that time is precious, and to enjoy it.

Magazine | Jun. 06, 2016

Healthy Eating: Spring-fresh Peas

Looking to liven up your meals this Spring? Try this recipe for Spring Pea Chimichurri Sauce from Sodium Girl, Jessica Goldman Foung.

Magazine | Apr. 19, 2016

No Longer Lonely

Family, friends, online communities, and peers can help combat isolation

Magazine | Feb. 12, 2016

Muscles Matter: Staying active is the key to improving outcomes

Recent research suggests that by building muscular strength, you can help improve or even prevent physical disability.

Magazine | Jan. 29, 2016

Work It Out

Strategies and accommodations can help keep you on the job after a lupus diagnosis

Magazine | Jan. 19, 2016

Bundle Up

With the right protection and layers, people with Raynaud’s phenomenon can enjoy winter outdoors

Magazine | Dec. 09, 2015

Savory Soup

Nothing beats a hot bowl of delicious, nutritious soup

Magazine | Oct. 19, 2015

24/7 Support

How service animals help those with chronic medical conditions