Jul. 21, 2014

Lupus Now™ Summer 2014 Out Soon!

by Jenny Thorn Palter, Editor

We have a magazine full of news and information on its way to you. Here’s a sneak peek inside the Summer 2014 issue of Lupus Now.

Our cover story will fuel your passion for helping us solve the cruel mystery. “Making a Difference” introduces you to six women who knew little about lupus when they were diagnosed. Not content to keep what they learned to themselves, they became committed to raising awareness of the disease that changed their lives. Whether arranging for landmarks to be lit in purple, reaching out to incarcerated women, or starting citywide events and support services, these women embody the true spirit of selflessness.

With lupus occurring most frequently in women of childbearing age, knowing how the disease can affect reproductive health is crucial. Our second feature, “Family Focus,” includes information on birth control, monitoring the pregnancy, medication use, and the importance of open dialogue between mom-to-be and all members of the health care team.

If you’ve ever known a person with lupus who has family members with the disease, you’ll want to catch up on the latest in lupus genetics. In our third feature, “Next Generation,” leading lupus geneticists talk about the current science of inherited autoimmune disease, and share their predictions of what’s in store for the future.

Yoga has become a favorite exercise for the body and a favorite calming device for the mind. In “Healthy Moves,” learn why these yoga practitioners with lupus swear by the ancient poses and breathing routines. As for “Healthy Eating,” Sodium Girl, Jessica Goldman Foung, tickles your taste buds with a recipe for peach hot sauce that will perk up your barbecued meats and more.

Having a child with lupus brings with it many daily decisions. In “You Asked,” one of our pediatric rheumatologists offers her take on 15 things parents and educators should know when the child with lupus is at school. There also are times when lupus can threaten to limit the fun activities a family is able to share. We asked what your family does when all together—and you answered! Find out which activities made our top ten list in “Common Bonds.”

We also recap a few of the many activities that have been taking place at the Foundation throughout the summer, in our “LFA in Action” section in the back of the magazine.  You can keep up with our busy fall schedule by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, bookmarking lupus.org, and most of all, making sure you subscribe to Lupus Now! Do it now, at shoplupus.org. With all this and more, you won’t want to miss a single issue.