Dec. 09, 2013

Lupus Now Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary


Lupus Now® is the only national magazine for individuals with lupus, their families, and health professionals. The magazine has reached a major milestone with the release of its tenth anniversary issue.  Published by the Lupus Foundation of America, the only national force devoted to solving the cruel mystery of lupus, Lupus Now provides clinical updates from lupus experts, wellness articles, lifestyle features, personal stories of the challenges and successes in managing lupus, and news from around the world about efforts to bring greater attention and resources to lupus. 

In this video, Jenny Thorn Palter, Lupus Now editor, and Sandra C. Raymond, President & CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America, look back over the past decade of the publication and its role in helping people deal with the complexities of living with lupus.

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Press Release: Lupus Foundation of America Marks Tenth Anniversary of Lupus Now® Magazine
The Lupus Foundation of America celebrates the 10th anniversary of its national magazine, Lupus Now®, the only national publication devoted to addressing the complexities of living with lupus. The 10th anniversary issue introduces a new format with more concise reporting on advances in lupus research and treatment, wellness features, clinical updates, and inspiring personal stories.

Gallery: Peek Under Our Covers
Go ahead, peek under our covers and take a trip down memory lane as we celebrate our first decade of Lupus Now®.

Blog: Ode to Lupus Now
Jenny Thorn Palter, editor, Lupus Now, reflects on the magazine's work for its 10-year anniversary.

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