Lupus Now

Magazine | Feb. 13, 2017

A Heart-Healthy Future

Preventing heart disease should be a conversation you and your doctor have early on. Here’s why.

Magazine | Jan. 24, 2017

10 Things You Can Control in a Conflict

Dealing with conflict takes energy, and when you’re living with lupus, energy can be in short supply. If you’ve tried your best to resolve a problem, but it still remains, consider using these 10 ways to regain control.

Magazine | Dec. 06, 2016

One Family’s Journey

Keep the focus on your child and his or her interests—not on lupus.

Magazine | Dec. 05, 2016

Most and Least Recommended Types of Yoga When You Have Lupus

Interested in trying yoga? While there are no hard and fast rules about which yoga disciplines are recommended, some are more likely to help ease lupus symptoms and others may be detrimental.

Magazine | Sep. 28, 2016

How to Buy Fatty Fish

Fish can be a healthy addition to your diet. It’s low in saturated fat, one of the types that contributes to heart disease, and studies show that varieties rich in omega-3 fatty acids may have anti-inflammatory, and heart-healthy benefits.

Magazine | Aug. 19, 2016

College Coverage: Students with lupus have special concerns

When April Golston of Santa Cruz, California, was preparing to send her son off to college, she never dreamed that arranging health insurance coverage or finding a new health care team would be such frustrating obstacles.

Magazine | Aug. 15, 2016

Her lupus diagnosis brought them closer

Zak and Chloe say they've gained more than they lost from lupus. They've learned that time is precious, and to enjoy it.

Magazine | Jul. 14, 2016

Know how to help: New research reveals type of support is key in lupus

Like "love languages", for those with chronic disease, a sense of well-being is more about the match between the kind of support we want and the kind we receive.