Support Groups

Lupus support groups meet monthly and are available in Missouri, eastern Kansas and southern Illinois.

Please contact the LFA - Heartland Chapter office before attending any meeting to RSVP and confirm times, dates, and locations, including room assignments, and directions to meetings.
1-800-958-7876, in St. Louis 314-644-2222, or via

Kansas City, Missouri
6-7:30 pm - 3rd Thursday of the Month

St. Louis County - St. Louis, Missouri
6:30-8:00pm - 2nd Thursday of the Month

The Heartland Chapter's support groups, are led by trained professionals who understand the issues that challenge a person with lupus. These volunteers offer support to lupus patients, friends, and family members.

These groups provide participants with an opportunity to receive introductory information about lupus, encourage the expression of concerns, provide an opportunity to share experiences, encourage and support positive coping strategies, and emphasize the importance of medical treatment.

If you have other questions about a support group or if you are interested in having a support group in your area, contact the LFA Chapter office at 1-800-958-7876, in St. Louis 314-644-2222, or via email at