Community Quarterback Award

We are proud to congratulate Samantha Powers for being a runner up for the 2012 Georgia Frontiere Community Quarterback Award for her volunteer work with the Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter. We are so proud of her and thankful for everything she has done for the LFA.

From the young age of nine, Samantha has far exceeded our expectations and has served as a valuable asset to our organization. Samantha was diagnosed with lupus at age nine and immediately decided that she wanted to partner with the Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter.

Her sparkling personality, enthusiasm, and positive attitude have made her an incredible volunteer and advocate for the LFA. Samantha is not afraid to share her story and inform individuals about how lupus affects her personally. She became the "go-to" person to conduct interviews at various television and radio stations. Additionally, she helped organize various fundraising and awareness events in her local community about lupus. She even held an awareness day at her elementary school to educate her peers about the effects of lupus. Samantha even delivered an inspiring speech at the rotunda in Jefferson City at the Lupus Public Rally and Advocacy Day in front of a multitude of lupus advocates.

Most notably, Samantha is no stranger to hard work. She is always eager to lend a hand when various tasks need to be accomplished for any Lupus Foundation of America sponsored fundraising or program event. She manages to balance being sick, perform at school, and be a kid while serving as an astounding lupus advocate.