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The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) is the nation's leading nonprofit voluntary health organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus and providing support and services to all people affected by lupus. See the ten reasons why the LFA is leading the way!

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The Georgia Chapter is proud to be led by a strong Board of Directors who provide governance, strategic advice and development assistance.

In addition, the Medical Advisory Board is an organization of physicians and health care workers devoted to the treatment of lupus and related diseases with two main goals: 1) to educate patients as well as the general public throughout the state of Georgia, and 2) to support research that fosters excellence in the care of patients or advances our understanding of the disease.

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Maria Myler, Georgia Chapter President and CEO

The Georgia Chapter is one of the fastest growing LFA Chapters in the nation because we are building friendships at every opportunity to grow our “chapter family.” We are engaging people who care about someone with lupus: their daughters, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and sons.

The Georgia “chapter family” includes lupus patients, families, volunteers and over 30 support groups comprising the largest support network in the nation. Our expanded Medical Advisory Board donates their time and expertise at our symposiums and shares our resources with their patients. Our Chapter Boards and corporate sponsors contribute funds and raise awareness that inspire patients and families. This spring, 8,000 walkers united at the Atlanta Walk at Piedmont Park, still the largest LFA Walk in the nation and the first to raise over $500,000! The Walk is a huge family reunion, an all day celebration that will “change the way you see lupus,” states Angela Maselli, a veteran volunteer.

Our footprint in Georgia is far larger than our small fiscal budget and staff reaching 93 counties. The Chapter is a lifeline and voice of hope. We are here to listen and to make sure everyone with lupus receives answers and support. For many living with lupus, the greatest challenge is a lack of understanding; patients often feel they are the only ones who “don’t look sick.” We have an incredibly powerful story that needs much more awareness and support. Our family must be strong, as lupus is relentless. Like families, we never forget those we have lost to lupus.

Every donation helps our efforts to solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Ninety percent of every dollar donated stays in Georgia to ensure the Chapter continues to provide the only statewide lupus programs and resources including nine statewide symposiums and seminars and six groundbreaking college forums.

The Lupus Foundation of America is the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. Through a comprehensive program of research, education and advocacy, we lead the fight to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus.

The cruel mystery does not daunt us. Join our family in the fight to end lupus!


Maria Myler


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Maria Myler
Chapter President and CEO

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