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7th Annual Georgia Lupus Summit

Saturday, October 5, 2013
9:30 AM - 3 PM

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel
2450 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

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Putting the Pieces Together

Despite its prevalence, lupus remains one of the least recognizable and most misunderstood diseases in both the medical and lay communities. Join us to learn about coping and thriving with lupus from medical experts, lupus champions and more!

Important Notes:

  • We have a block of rooms reserved at great rate at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly.  Click here for more information.


Opening Sessions:

Unsinkable Spirit: The Power of Human Resiliency
Cindy Coney, MEd

Drawing on her own personal zest for living and expertise in resiliency, this uplifting keynote address focuses on finding and strengthening the unsinkable spirit which lies within each of us.  Cindy, diagnosed with lupus three decades ago, teaches you how to make the successful transition from a healthy “old life” to a fulfilling ”new normal.” Visit her website at www.cindyconey.com.

Lupus Treatment and Research Updates
Gary Gilkeson, MD

Dr. Gilkeson will provide an overview of current lupus research and the prospects for the future of lupus treatments. Learn how to better manage your lupus and make knowledgeable decisions regarding your treatment plan.

Breakout Sessions

Lupus 101- The Basics
Jagindra Mangru, MD

Newly diagnosed? This session is designed to provide you with basic information regarding recommended lifestyle changes one should make,how to develop your treatment team, and how you can be proactive in managing lupus.

Jennifer M. Hnat, RDN
Learn about nutrition tips and healthy living in order to sustain energy, decrease inflammation/flares, and nourish the cells in your body.

CNS Lupus and Cognitive Dysfunction
Gloria Gaston, MD

This session will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how lupus can affect your brain, causing symptoms of cognitive disfunction which can include confusion, memory loss, and fatigue.

Disability and Workplace Accommodation
Attorneys Winnie Pannell and Patrick White

Can lupus patients qualify for disability? What is the process to obtain disability? When should I apply? This session will answer these questions and more!

The Affordable Care Act: Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace
Milagros Bohaker, CMS - Atlanta Regional Office

Learn how to navigate the Healthcare Marketplace once the Affordable Healthcare Act is implemented this fall.

Lupus and the Heart
Demir Baykal, MD

Learn how to manage your cardiovascular health while living with lupus.

Therapeutic Yoga
Beth Passehl

Experience how easy it is to participate in this gentle exercise that reduces stress, joint stiffness,
and fatigue!

Lupus Resource Tool Kit
Kim Schofield, Rosemary Graham, Teri Emond

Resources for daily living, including resources for reduced-price medications, physicians, and more.

Closing Sessions 

Putting the Pieces Together
Lupus is a difficult disease to understand, but you
will not have to face it alone. Join us as we go over
key points from today's discussions.

Putting the Pieces Together for Caregivers Only
Lupus is a difficult disease to understand, and supporting
someone with lupus can be challenging. Learn about
techniques to effectively care for your loved one.


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