May. 10, 2012

World Lupus Day Highlights the Impact of Lupus on Millions of People

May 10 is World Lupus Day

In recognition of World Lupus Day, May 10, the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) seeks to shine a light on the significant physical, emotional, and financial burden of lupus. As part of the observance, the LFA and lupus organizations around the globe are urging everyone to sign a pledge to increase awareness of lupus, a devastating and life-altering autoimmune disease that affects at least five million individuals worldwide. Supporters can make their pledge and download resources to help raise understanding of lupus through the World Lupus Day Web site,

“I lost my childhood friend, Lucy Vodden to lupus,” said Julian Lennon, LFA Global Ambassador. “This opened my eyes to how devastating the burden of lupus is on millions of individuals and their families. I urge everyone to learn more about this chronic autoimmune disease and do their part to raise awareness of it during World Lupus Day and beyond.”

A recent Roper survey underscored the need for greater awareness and understanding of lupus among individuals and their loved ones. Startlingly, 68 percent of people with lupus say the disease affects every relationship and their ability to perform daily responsibilities. The annual economic impact of lupus is also staggering, estimated at more than $31 billion for direct and indirect costs in the United States alone. Many people with lupus are not able to work or need to reduce the hours they work. In fact, research has shown that only 31 percent of Americans with lupus report being employed full-time.

In honor of World Lupus Day, the Lupus Foundation of America will be joined by Zak DeOssie and Jim Cordle, New York Giants, members of the physician community and lupus thought leaders, and individuals with the lupus and their families to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. The goal is to raise awareness of the significant need to expand the research effort on lupus, and the tremendous financial burden it carries for individuals living with the disease and their families.

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