Nov. 16, 2011

New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Results of Study of CellCept® for Lupus Nephritis

November 16, 2011
Today, the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most well-read and respected medical journals for physicians, published results from a long-term study for the treatment of lupus nephritis (lupus-related kidney disease) that demonstrated the superiority of CellCept® (mycophenolate mofetil or MMF) to azathioprine (standard care) as a long-term treatment for lupus nephritis. 
The Phase III study results initially released by Vifor Pharma and Roche in June 2010 convincingly reached the primary endpoint of delaying treatment failure in patients with lupus nephritis who had successfully responded to induction therapy. Previous studies have provided convincing evidence that CellCept is better tolerated, and, more importantly to patients and their doctors, is associated with few serious or life-threatening infections and hospitalizations.
Read a summary of the New England Journal of Medicine article.

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