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Lupus Now® is the only national magazine devoted to addressing the complexities of living with lupus. Each issue includes clinical updates from lupus experts, wellness articles, lifestyle features, personal stories of the challenges and successes in managing lupus, and news from around the world about efforts to bring greater attention and resources to solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Lupus Now® is published three times a year: Spring (March), Summer (July), and Fall (November). 

Summer 2016 Issue

Our cover story offers parenting tips from three moms with lupus, as well as insights from two daughters about what they learned as they grew up. Also in this issue are articles on how to explain lupus to friends, family, and your boss; how support groups provide a safe place to share feelings; what’s new with the microbiome and lupus; and why we should sit less and move more! Subscribe today to get the full issue.

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