Dec. 02, 2016

New Research!America Fact Sheet on Lupus

Despite affecting an estimated 1.5 million Americans, very little is known about the causes of lupus, and even less is known about the best ways to treat, and ultimately cure, this insidious disease.

Through our public policy priorities and partnerships, we advocate for increased investment in research.

Research is key to expanding what we know about who is impacted by lupus, how the disease progresses, and approaches to combat lupus’ deadly complications. Without research, Americans will continue to die every year from this poorly understood condition.

As part of our advocacy and awareness work, we are excited to unveil a fact sheet that we worked with Research!America to develop and produce.

The fact sheet tells the lupus story from multiple perspectives: prevalence, economic impact, research funding and promising developments on the horizon, as well as a personal story to highlight the true impact of the disease.

Check it out. (PDF)

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