Dec. 01, 2014—Jan. 31, 2015 |

Annual Appeal


Mahlia and Sam pictured right share a dream: the hope for a brighter future. Mahlia Mahdi was diagnosed with lupus when she was only 8 years old; she is a brilliant and sweet 5th grader who dreams of being a veterinarian. S. Sam Lim, M.D., MPH, co-chair of the Georgia Chapter’s Medical Advisory Board and associate professor in rheumatology at Emory University School of Medicine, has dedicated his career to treating lupus patients and lupus research. Dr. Lim works tirelessly so Mahlia and all those living with lupus, can have a brighter future.

The impact on the patients and families served and empowered by the Georgia Chapter’s programs and resources is compelling. Our footprint across the state is far larger than our small fiscal budget and staff reaching 115 counties of the 159 in Georgia. In 2015, we will host nine educational symposiums including our first programs in Columbus, Cumming, Decatur, Duluth, Savannah and Southside reaching new patients and communities. We are here to listen and to make sure everyone with lupus receives HOPE, SUPPORT and ANSWERS. For many living with lupus, the greatest challenge is a lack of understanding; patients often feel alone and that they are the only ones who “don’t look sick.”

We are one of the fastest growing LFA Chapters in the nation because we are building friendships at every opportunity to grow our “Chapter family.”  This family includes: over 30 statewide support groups, the largest lupus walk in the country and our dedicated Chapter Boards. Our expanded Medical Advisory Board donates their time and expertise at our statewide symposiums and shares our resources with their patients. Ninety percent of every dollar donated stays in Georgia to support our Chapter’s programs. We also support the national LFA research efforts funding and advocating for investment in lupus.

Lupus is complex and difficult to diagnose and treat; it strikes without warning and can ravage any part of the body. Lupus is debilitating, life diminishing and can be fatal. The Chapter is a lifeline and our family must be strong. Mahlia and all we serve deserve nothing less than the brightest future.

Your contribution of $50, $100, $250 or more will ensure we continue to fight for the 55,000 Georgians living with lupus. The cruel mystery does not daunt us. Join our family in the
fight to end lupus!

Our very best wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year. Thank you!


Maria Myler, President and CEO and Steve Evans, Board Chair