27th Annual Maryland Lupus Summit

Join Us and Feel Empowered to Take Charge of Your Health! 


Saturday, September 13, 2014
Registration:  8:30am - 9:00am
Summit:  9:00am - 3:30pm
John Hopkins University Turner Auditorium
720 Rutland Avenue Baltimore, MD


Opening Plenary Session

Treatment Updates
Michelle Petri, MD, MPH 

A great deal is happening in lupus-related research. This presentation will update participants on recent research developments and their impact on those affected by lupus.  Dr. Petri will provide an overview of current lupus research and the prospects for the future of lupus treatments. Learn how to better manage your lupus and make knowledgeable decisions regarding your treatment plan.

General Sessions

Warm-Up with Tai Chi
Eric Johnson

Learn some techniques from an ancient Chinese martial art that will get you relaxed and energized. Tai Chi is practiced for health and relaxation, and it will reduce stress and increase your sense of wellbeing. Tai Chi offers a simple, easy way to exercise the mind and body.

Lupus 101
Rachel Kaiser, M.D., MPH
Have you been recently diagnosed with lupus or know someone who has? Perhaps you wonder if you're at risk or want a refresher on the basics of lupus, its symptoms and treatments. Dr. Kaiser covers the basic questions-- who, what, how. The focus will be those things within the patient's control and what they can do to help themselves in the management of their disease. Resources for lupus patients and their families will be covered as well as barriers that some patients face in trying to access help.

Lupus and Navigating the Disability Process
Tai Venuti, MPH, APR

Learn everything you need to know about applying for disability. Do you qualify, when should you apply, how long does it take? Get your questions answered on this complex issue including what the application process entails and how to overcome common challenges.

Lupus and Men
Howard Hauptman, M.D.

Lupus is often portrayed as a woman's disease, but it is important to realize that ten percent of lupus patients are males and there is information and support available to help male patients better manage lupus. This breakout session will address concerns and research related to enhancing the health of male lupus patients.

Memory Problems in SLE: A Common but Treatable Problem
Donald Thomas Jr., MD, FACP, FACR, CCD

Many people with lupus describe confusion, fatigue, forgetfulness, distractibility and difficulty expressing their thoughts- what is referred as cognitive impairment. Learn more about how lupus can impact your brain, or cognitive functioning, and what treatment options are available.

Lupus and the Skin
Christine Dewitt, M.D.

Approximately two-thirds of people with lupus will develop some type of skin involvement.  Learn about the forms of skin lupus, treatments for cutaneous lupus and other skin problems that can occur when you have lupus. This session will address preventative measures and treatments of skin disease in lupus with a focus on the relationship between ultraviolet light and the immune response of lupus.

Lupus and Your Eyes
Jonathan Solomon, M.D.

Many people living with lupus are concerned about eye damage caused from plaquenil toxicity.  Recent data reveals an increase of retinal toxicity among lupus patients being treated with high doses of plaquenil.  Dr. Solomon, Board Certified Ophthalmologist, will explain the benefits and possible side effects of how plaquenil can impact your eyes.  Participants will also be informed about new guidelines for eye screenings that benefit people with lupus.

Designing a Lifestyle to Live Well with Lupus 
Lorena Lues Wellness Group Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach

 Maintaining a diet and exercise routine is difficult for anyone, especially while managing lupus symptoms.  Lorena will provide helpful ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing your illness. Come learn ways to develop good habits and live a healthy lifestyle while living with lupus.

Afternoon Warm-up Yoga
Lorena Lues Wellness Group Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach
Engaging in physical activity can help reduce joint stiffness, fatigue and stress while improving overall quality of life. But, it is common for people with lupus to often feel tired, achy, and unable to participate in exercise. As a mental health counselor, Lorena integrates her love of yoga into her sessions with clients and has witnessed positive changes as a result of adding yoga and meditation to their daily routines. In her session she will encourage attendees to embrace their individuality and let go of toxic baggage in order to access their full potential.

Closing Plenary Session

Lupus and the Heart
Vikram Raya, M.D.

Lupus patients are at increased risk of experiencing cardiovascular complications at an earlier age than the general population. This session will address the importance of cardiovascular screening and what you need to know to live a heart-healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks and strokes in systemic lupus.


The Summit features a variety of venders that will be onsite throughout the day featuring products to enhance your health.



One of our featured presenters and LFA-DMV Board Member, Donald Thomas, M.D., F.A.C.P., FACR, will be holding a book signing at a vendor table for "The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families". Be sure to stop by and get your copy signed! Pick up a copy of his encyclopedia here!

Box Lunch Options- $10.00 per box

You may bring bag lunch or pre-purchase a box lunch (details below ). Onsite lunch orders will NOT be accepted. Deadline to order a box lunch is Wednesday, September 10 at 12:00 PM.

All box lunches will be served with bottle water, green onion potato salad, pickle slice, whole fresh fruit and cake square

  • Turkey Sandwich
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Vegetarian- Natural muenster cheese, tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce in a pita with herb dressing
Box Lunch Options

Day of Logistics

  • Enter through the large glass doors on the first floor and registration is downstairs on the ground level.
  • There is a security booth on Rutland Avenue if you need assistance.
  • You may bring bag lunch or pre-purchase a box lunch (deadline is Wednesday September 10 at 12:00 pm). Onsite lunch orders will NOT be accepted.
  • If you require special accommodations please contact info@LupusDMV.org

Metro Accessible: Johns Hopkins University Turner Auditorium is conveniently located off the Johns Hopkins Hospital Metro Station on the Owings Mills to Johns Hopkins Hospital metro line.

Driving Directions:

MD-295 Northbound:

Head north on MD-295 N. Turn right onto W Mulberry St. Continue onto Orleans St. Turn left onto N Washington St. Turn left onto E Madison St. Turn left onto Rutland Ave. Destination will be on the right.

I-83 Southbound:

Head southeast on I-83 S. Take exit 3 for Guilford Avenue. Merge onto Guilford Ave. Turn right onto E Read St. Take the 3rd right onto N Calvert St. Take the 3rd right onto E Biddle St. Turn right onto N Broadway. Turn left onto Ashland Ave. Take the 1st right onto Rutland Ave. Destination will be on the right.

US-40 Eastbound:

Head east on US-40 E/Baltimore National Pike toward N Rolling Rd. Continue to follow US-40 E. Continue onto W Mulberry St. Continue onto Orleans St. Turn left onto N Washington St. Turn left onto N Washington St. Turn left onto E Madison St. Turn left onto Rutland Ave. Destination will be on the right

US-40 Westbound:

Head southwest on US-40 W toward 68th St. Turn right onto N Washington St. Turn left onto E Madison St. Turn left onto Rutland Ave. Destination will be on the right.

Where to Park: Washington Street Garage (701 N. Washington St.)
There will be a shuttle providing transportation between Washington Garage and Turner Auditorium from: 8-10:00 a.m. and again from 2-4:00 p.m.

Summits are provided as a FREE service to lupus patients and their families; costs are underwritten by our fundraising efforts including our Maryland Walk to End Lupus Now!

We look forward to seeing you at this comprehensive program that allows you to connect with members of the lupus community and improve your health!

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