In Loving Memory

Join us in remembering the lives and legacies of all affected by lupus. Designing or contributing to a memorial page for a loved one enables you to share memories and acknowledge the devastation of this disease. Memorial pages are designed to help loved ones rememberthose who have passed away, so that we may not forget them or the high toll of this disease.

We embrace your courage and mourn your losses. We appreciate your willingness to share your most personal memories for the benefit of others. We realize that each name represents a precious part of you that was taken away too soon, and we thank you for supporting us in the never ending endeavor of solving this cruel mystery.

To create or contribute to a memorial page please complete this form. Donations honoring a loved one can be made here. Questions can be directed to Anna-Maria Roache, Health Education Associate or at  (888)787-5380.

In loving Memory of….