Connect with a Patient Navigator!

Have questions? Get answers on the latest in lupus and resources that could help improve your quality of life!

Our Patient Navigators help lupus patients and their families navigate the many obstacles that can accompany managing this complex disease. Patient Navigators link individuals affected by lupus to resources and information that can improve quality of life and disease management.

Patient Navigators can help you by:

  •  Providing up to date and accurate information on the many aspects of lupus and coping with lupus
  •  Referring you to local and online support groups
  • Locating resources on health insurance, social security disability benefits, job accommodation, financial assistance, transportation, etc.
  • Listening and talking through possible solutions

Our Patient Navigators can help you every step of the way, whether you have been diagnosed with lupus in the last week, year or decade - even if you haven't been diagnosed yet. Contact or call (202) -787-5389.


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