Oct. 24, 2013

Black Women Develop Lupus at Younger Age with More Life-Threatening Complications

There are substantial racial disparities in the burden of lupus, according to initial data from the largest and most far-reaching epidemiology study ever conducted on the disease lupus. New data from two registries, part of the National Lupus Patient Registry (NLPR), also reveal that black females disproportionately are burdened by lupus, a devastating and complicated autoimmune disease.

Oct. 18, 2013

US Department of Defense Provides Another $1.8 Million to Support Research on Lupus

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Medical Research Program announces two new lupus research grant awards, bringing the total DoD funds to date for support of lupus research to $14 million.

Oct. 17, 2013

New Review Summarizes the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke Among People with Lupus

A new study summarizes the best available evidence regarding the risk of heart disease and stroke among people with lupus.

Oct. 10, 2013

LFA-DMV Seeks Auction Items for 5th Annual Purple Passion Gala to End Lupus

Join us for our 5th Annual Purple Passion Gala to End Lupus on Saturday, December 7, 2013 from 11:30 to 2:30 at the Park Hyatt Washington DC. This elegant event benefits our award-winning Patient Navigation Program which provides support, education and in many cases nothing short of a lifeline for the 80,000 people affected by lupus in our region. Did you notice the name change? That’s not all that’s different this year!

Sep. 30, 2013

New Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers coverage to many Americans who currently do not have health insurance.

Sep. 25, 2013

Actress and entertainer Tichina Arnold Promotes Los Angeles Walk to End Lupus Now Event

Actress and entertainer Tichina Arnold appears on Los Angeles KCAL TV to promote her involvement with the Los Angeles Walk to End Lupus Now event.

Sep. 25, 2013

Lupus Foundation of America Debuts Powerful New Information Portal

Lupus.org provides authoritative information on lupus to visitors quickly and easily

Sep. 12, 2013

New Light Shed on Photosensitivity among People with Lupus

Photosensitivity or abnormal light sensitivity is very complex and is a major symptom of lupus. The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) loosely defines photosensitivity as "a skin rash as a result of unusual reaction to sunlight." Two-thirds of people with lupus have increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, either from sunlight or from artificial inside light, such as fluorescent light -- or both.