Aug. 14, 2013

Nick Cannon’s Lupus Battle

There is no easy way to describe Nick Cannon, 32. To say he is a man of multiple talents is an understatement. He’s a successful actor, radio and television personality, comedian, songwriter-rapper, and DJ. He’s an entrepreneur in charge of a multimedia company called NCredible Entertainment. He is a husband who recently celebrated his five-year wedding anniversary with superstar entertainer Mariah Carey, and he is father of their 2-year-old twins. He has always welcomed whatever challenges have come his way. But he wasn’t prepared for the biggest challenge he’d face.

In January 2012, he was diagnosed with lupus kidney disease (also called lupus nephritis). He’d experienced symptoms of fatigue and swelling in his knees before a New Year’s vacation in Aspen that worsened while he was there. He thought it might be because of the higher elevation in Colorado, but trouble breathing and pain in his kidneys made him seek medical help. He was hospitalized on Jan. 4, 2012, and tests confirmed the diagnosis.

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