Dec. 17, 2013

Ode to Lupus

““I know a blog post isn’t usually written in verse. But this post is something special to me. It’s all about the past 10 years of being the editor of Lupus Now, here at the Lupus Foundation of America. And, it’s an attempt to share with all our readers the experience of managing Lupus Now, from its creation to its 10th anniversary, which this issue commemorates,” said Jenny Palter, Editor, Lupus Now®.


Way, way back in ’ninety-eight,

My colleague, Duane, would say:

“Hey, Jenny, it sure would be great

To have a lupus magazine some day.”


Back then, we published a newsletter

For our chapters, called Lupus News.

For five years I worked to make it better:

Research, inspiration, point-of-views.


The Foundation hired a President/CEO

Named Sandra Raymond, in two-thousand-two..

What she said to the Board, I do not know,

But she was sure of what to do.


With The Magazine Group’s help, the very next fall

I held the first Lupus Now in my hands.

A prouder moment I cannot recall—

In my publications career, that one stands.


The awards that came in for design and for content

Were great! But your letters, and emails, too,

Expressed quite simply what the magazine meant:

A validation of how lupus affects you.


Some might assume that the names and the stories

Would have blurred together over time.

Not at all. I remember your challenges and glories

(Way too many to put into rhyme).


Lupus is a cruel mystery you live with each day,

And I’m in awe every time I see

Your determination, and hear you say:

“I have this disease, but it doesn’t have me.”


My heartfelt thanks to everyone

With lupus and without

Who has helped to get each issue done—

Ten years! Let’s give a shout…

Happy 10th Anniversary, Lupus Now!

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