Blog | Oct. 13, 2016

Infection Prevention is in Your Hands

Knowing how to wash your hands properly and knowing when to wash your hands is key to avoiding infections for people with lupus.

Blog | Oct. 04, 2016

When Flares Happen

Reports that Toni Braxton was hospitalized for complications from lupus are a reminder that people with lupus experience disease flares that can be triggered by environmental factors like stress or exhaustion.

Blog | Oct. 03, 2016

15 Preguntas: Las investigaciones clínicas y usted

Respuestas a 15 información sobre las investigaciones clínicas de los NIH, sus objetivos y la importancia de las investigaciones para la comunidad Hispana/Latina.

Blog | Oct. 03, 2016

15 Questions: Lupus and Clinical Research

Dr. Richard Furie responds to your questions about the risks and benefits of participating in clinical trials.

Blog | Sep. 28, 2016

Encouraging Diversity in Clinical Trial Participation

Recently, the FDA Office of Women's Health and NIH Office of Research on Women's Health announced a new partnership to encourage women of different ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, and health conditions to participate in clinical trials.

Blog | Sep. 27, 2016

10 of our favorite quotes from Fabulupus

"You can still have a fabulous and exciting life, and do all the things you want to do."

Blog | Sep. 26, 2016

Know the signs: Mental health issues in children and teens with lupus

Pay attention to these warning signs which can indicate the need for help.

Blog | Sep. 23, 2016

Learn to Soothe Chronic Pain from Lupus with Mindfulness Meditation