Blog | Jul. 18, 2016

Nicole Arceneaux: “I’ve finally decided I’m tougher than lupus”

Her fight has been brutal. She's felt embarrassed, ashamed and withdrawn. But with this one bike ride, Nicole wants to show she's not defeated.

Blog | Jul. 16, 2016

Family, friends, food…water balloons?!

Shelbi's team "You Don't Look Sick" were the national fundraising leaders in last year's Epic Water Balloon Battle for Lupus. She shares her secrets to supporting the fight to end lupus while having major summertime fun.

Blog | Jul. 14, 2016

Lorenzo Hall: Dancing Helps Me Express Myself

Lorenzo Hall copes with his difficult lupus diagnosis by dancing.

Blog | Jul. 11, 2016

Lupus: The Musical

Ryan Hruza is bringing lupus to center stage.

Blog | Jul. 01, 2016

Pregúntele a los Expertos - Ser Cuidador de Una Persona Con Lupus Y Como Manejarlo Eficazmente

El cuidar de una persona que padece de lupus conlleva una gran responsabilidad que puede tener una variedad de consecuencias emocionales y físicas para el cuidador.

Blog | Jul. 01, 2016

Ask the Experts - Lupus and the Eye

Jonathan D. Solomon, M.D. presents on how lupus can affect eye health and what steps can be taken to promote eye health and prevent complications.

Blog | Jun. 28, 2016

Rodeilyn Rosario: A Special Proposal

Rodeilyn has participated in the New York Walk since she was diagnosed with lupus as age 12. This year's walk was especially memorable!

Blog | Jun. 27, 2016

Get Fit: The Summer to Start Anew

5 tips to hit the refresh button on your outlook towards exercise.