Blog | Aug. 08, 2016

Make Your Mark With Pokemon Go

Blog | Aug. 02, 2016

The Brutal Toll of Chronic Pain

Hilary Greek bravely shares her struggles with the chronic pain caused by lupus and fibromyalgia.

Blog | Jul. 29, 2016

Bethany Lindeblad: A Song in Her Heart

Highschooler Bethany Lindeblad has her world turned upside down with an unexpected lupus diagnosis.

Blog | Jul. 28, 2016

6 Sensible Sunscreen Tips

Updated advice on choosing a sunscreen product and getting maximum protection.

Blog | Jul. 27, 2016

Alexis Teixeira: Lupus in the fast lane

Her race-driver husband sets an example for the community. Find out how.

Blog | Jul. 18, 2016

Nicole Arceneaux: “I’ve finally decided I’m tougher than lupus”

Her fight has been brutal. She's felt embarrassed, ashamed and withdrawn. But with this one bike ride, Nicole wants to show she's not defeated.

Blog | Jul. 16, 2016

Family, friends, food…water balloons?!

Shelbi's team "You Don't Look Sick" were the national fundraising leaders in last year's Epic Water Balloon Battle for Lupus. She shares her secrets to supporting the fight to end lupus while having major summertime fun.

Blog | Jul. 14, 2016

Lorenzo Hall: Dancing Helps Me Express Myself

Lorenzo Hall copes with his difficult lupus diagnosis by dancing.