Blog | Nov. 16, 2016

It’s Not too Late to Quit Smoking

The next Great American Smokeout is November 17. Use this date as a reminder to develop a plan to quit.

Blog | Nov. 09, 2016

Sharing the Journey: Managing Holiday Stress

This series – Sharing the Journey – is by you and for you. In your own words, we highlight the perspectives and personal experiences of people who struggle with lupus each day. We also share tips below for a flare-free holiday, read on – How do you manage stress during the holidays to help prevent and minimize flares?

Blog | Nov. 07, 2016

Thinking About Drinking? Read This First.

Most people enjoy an occasional happy hour with co-workers and friends. But what if you have lupus? We asked two members of our Medical-Scientific Advisory Council for their help in developing some guidelines.

Blog | Nov. 01, 2016

Obesity and Lupus

Obesity is a complex disease that can make it more difficult to cope with lupus. Discuss weight management strategies with your doctor, including healthy eating and exercise.

Blog | Nov. 01, 2016

Ask the Experts: Social Security Disability and SSI

Update on eligibility requirements and application process for disability benefits.

Blog | Oct. 19, 2016

Sharing the Journey

Blog | Oct. 19, 2016

Fall is here—but don’t store away that sunscreen!

Blog | Oct. 18, 2016

Why it matters when celebrities go public about their lupus

When Selena Gomez cancelled her concert tour due to complications of lupus, Lisa's community banded together.