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Welcome to the Lupus Foundation of America. The Foundation and its chapter network empower and mobilize people to help others to not only manage lupus, but to continue actively living their lives. We’re here to help people with lupus.

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What's it really like to volunteer with the Foundation and its chapters? Today, there are thousands of different answers to that question, because each of our valued volunteer partners has a unique story to tell. Your volunteer role could be as valuable and rewarding as theirs.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for the LFA and its chapters means you have an opportunity to touch the live of people with lupus and fulfill your own. When you volunteer, you can:

  • Make a meaningful difference in your community
  • Help lupus patients and their families
  • Have flexible options and opportunities that fit your schedule
  • Build relationships and networks that last a lifetime
  • Learn and grow personally and professionally
  • Involve your family and friends

Many Opportunities Await!

You're sure to find one that's just right for you. We offer critically important volunteer opportunities that empower all kinds of people to share their unique gifts to help make our mission possible.
No matter how you choose to join our team, you’ll experience the joy of working among people who are passionate about our cause. Everyone who works with the LFA has a role in helping people with lupus, and that means everyone has a chance to experience the fulfillment of knowing they are making a difference. You, too, can make a difference and an important personal commitment to the people in your community and around the world who courageously fight lupus everyday.

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