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Lupus is a complex disease that requires a comprehensive solution.  We are implementing three strategies to end lupus:

  • Advance the science and medicine of lupus
  • Create awareness of the disease and advocate on behalf of all who are affected by lupus
  • Support all people affected by lupus and their professional health care providers.

The Foundation delivers its programs and services through the National Office located in Washington, DC, and through a national network of chapters, offices, support groups and community representatives . Below is a brief description of our programs. 


Greatly expand the medical research effort to bring lupus under control and find a cure.

  • Lead special research initiatives and forge collaborative efforts among stakeholders to address critical issues in the field of lupus
  • Fund researchers at medical institutions nationwide to address gaps in understanding the causes, progression, and consequences of lupus
  • Advocate for expanded investment in research from public and private sources at the state and federal levels 


Translate research findings into medically sound information for health professionals, people affected by lupus, and the public.

  • Educate physicians about the diagnosis and treatment of lupus
  • Develop and disseminate education materials to all individuals affected by lupus
  • Design and deliver innovative national awareness campaigns to educate the public about lupus
  • Collaborate with national partners and government agencies to educate individuals at highest risk for developing lupus


Advocate for constructive public policies that help support people with lupus and their families.

  • Educate policymakers about the critical needs of people with lupus and their families
  • Collaborate with state and federal policymakers to establish and expand programs for people with lupus
  • Broaden and strengthen the outreach of the Foundation's grassroots advocacy network to secure urgently needed increases in funding for research and education programs.


Build the Foundation's capacity to serve all people with lupus.

  • Develop model programs, educational materials, and other tools for chapter volunteers and members.
  • Provide training on board development, governance, financial and program management.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between chapters and other community service, medical, and advocacy organizations.
  • Continue to build the capacity of existing chapters and develop and implement a long-term strategy to ensure that the Foundaton's programs are available to all people who need them.

Expenditures for the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. and its chapters for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2012.

Total Expenditures  
Program Services
Fundraising and Administration
Program Services  
Public Information, Education, and Advocacy
Professional Education
Patient Education and Support
Network Support and Services

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