Securing DoD Funding for Lupus Research

There is an urgent need to expand research to better understand the key factors that place military personnel at risk for developing lupus. For more than a decade, the Lupus Foundation of America has worked tirelessly to pioneer efforts to create a lupus-specific Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) through the Department of Defense (DoD). 

To support our proposal for a discreet lupus research program within the DoD, we authored a 10-page white paper, Lupus and the Military in which we successfully demonstrated that lupus is a disease that is relevant to our warfighters. Additional efforts have included testifying before the Senate Defense Subcommittee and meeting with CDMRP officials at Ft. Detrick. Most recently, we secured signatures for a Dear Colleague letter from the Congressional Lupus Caucus for the Fiscal Year 2017 appropriations cycle, to provide, at a minimum, $5 million to establish the first-ever line-itemed program entitled, Lupus Medical Research Program, at the DoD. The letter was well-supported and we helped secure 23 signatures from members of Congress.

Timeline DOD lupus research